Rabu, 18 April 2018

Motivation Letter for Applying Graduate School of Information Science and Technology in University of Tokyo

Subject: Graduate Selection Committee

My name is Aulia Rosiana. I was very excited and interested when I found out information about the graduate scholarship opportunity at University of Tokyo. I am a graduate student of Gunadarma University with a degree in Information System Science.

I have an interest in studying Information and Communication Engineering because the technology at this time is very advanced rapidly as well as the need for fast and accurate information. I believe that a graduate program in Information and Communication Engineering will be very much in line with my background study and my career prospects. My goal is to become a professional in the field of technology and information, as well as build and develop technology that is friendly and beneficial to the whole society.

I am a staff or assistant in the course registration and workshop for about 4 semesters. I study and interact with all my college students both senior and junior, learn good teamwork, learn to interact well, learn responsibilities in their respective jobs and also share their respective knowledge because there is not only me with field computer science but my team also exist that comes from the field of economics and others.

I am convinced that by becoming a student at this outstanding Tokyo university, I will empower my knowledge and also take advantage of my potential.

At the end, I am very happy for considering my application for this graduate scholarship program and I look forward to an exhilarating reply.

Aulia Rosiana.

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